While AFAEP has a long-term mission, we realize that the people affected must be provided clear short-term plans of action in order to address their most pressing needs. And we are committed to implement our short-term plans of action effectively, professionally and with compassion. The following are our strategies:

  1. Take immediate action to address the most pressing need of affected people and regions including their needs for Water, Education, Shelter, Food, and even Conflict Resolution.

  1. Support and seek help for people who can implement solutions including those around the world as partners and stakeholders.

  1. Be prepared to get our hand and feet wet in order to take action in the affected communities in order to meet their immediate needs and implement the action goals.

  1. Share specific action plans with all affected communities and regions so that they are prepared to adopt these action plans on similar scenarios in the future when similar problems arise.

  1. Plant seeds for the future so that communities become better living places. For example, include a small electro-weather monitoring system and train community members in prediction seasonal weather conditions including rain and drought.

  1. Share vital information with the Government and conduct ongoing assessment of whaat has been accomplished for the short-term plan. Engage the Partnerships for a future long-term plan.

  1. Provide, where necessary, revisions of plans of action in order to improve better chances of accomplishing goals and objective and plans of action for the affected communities and in order to explore other opportunities for services.