AFEAP has accomplished many good things. In the short term we have opened project operations in 4 Countries from Somalia, Ethiopia, Djibuti and Somaliland.  We have a great office in Washington and Minneapolis and it was all done by volunteers who commit many hours and commitment to our efforts. Most of our volunteers are expatriates who want to give back to the community in their own unique ways by sharing their knowledge, skills, expertise and resources. For example, we have many Ethiopians who came to eh Washington DC area in 1974 as refugees when the biggest drought hit the East African region at the time, particularly Ethiopia itself and Somalia.

In Minnesota when the civil war hit Somalia. Both the Ethiopian and Somali communities understand the ravages of war and have therefore taken action to help those left behind in East Africa. They are doing these by given back time and resources to their countries of origin. AFEAP has offices in Moqdisio, Somaliland, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Washington DC, and Minneapolis MN, USA.

Ayan Abukar, who the Acting Executive Director now is one the leaders of the East African Community located here in the Minneapolis Community. She has taken a leadership role as a community organizer for the action needed in East Africa. Ayan is a compassionate lady and she who has been seriously affected when she was young by many issues in East Africa.