About Us




Action for East African People promotes grassroots advancement and cultivation of the East African Community of Bloomington and surrounding areas. We are dedicated to eliminating barriers to successful integration for new Americans through developments in health, housing, culture, and education.




Action for East African People’s (AFEAP) goal is to empower East African immigrants towards self-sufficiency and integration through culturally responsive initiatives that strengthen and enrich our community. Our vision can only be accomplished through comprehensive initiatives that challenge inequalities in health, housing, and education which have been the greatest barriers to self-sufficiency. As a community hub, we strive for the preservation of the languages and traditions of new arrivals which is vital for community growth as well as social and economic empowerment.



Commitment- We are dedicated to creating safe and caring environments that build relationships with all stakeholders and the broader public to strive towards our vision. 

Community- We believe integration of is a dynamic process in which newcomers and the receiving society work together to build secure, vibrant, and cohesive communities. 

Culture & Identity- Social and cultural interactions are critical to foster mutual understanding, trust, and respect. Allowing newcomers and longtime residents find common ground.