Action back in East Africa is needed

Action for East African People (AFEAP) Organization is to act on the immediate needs of the East African People which includes the following -- Water Sanitation, Food Availability, Education Access and Economic Development for the East African Women. 

The East African countries of Somalia, Ethiopia, and Djibouti are facing enormous challenges, critical of which are climate and political challenges. The recent drought in Somalia has affected the living conditions of the East African People especially those living in the geographic areas of Somalia and Somaliland. As most people are dependent on their livestock and the land for their food and crops, during the drought periods of long periods of no rain, many lives are severely affected especially animals and the nomad people in the villages. 

 This has created an enormous loss of people’s lives, loss of their main livelihood the livestock and other animals. The resulting conditions have forced people to move in the predicted directions of the existence of water. And during the course of the massive movement of people, livestock and animals, many succumb to death along the way in the desperate hope of looking for water and grass.  An estimated 4 million goats and sheep have been lost and approximately 3 million people critically suffering as a result of the drought, including the villagers and the nomad people.


While the International Community becomes aware of the situation, the level of support for the East African People has not materialized.  When these excruciating conditions become the law of the land, the people who are being affected experience even more hardships when the rainy season comes as weather changes so quickly and most people do not have shelters and blankets to use from the cold.  More problems arise as the people now become refugees and therefore need help in repatriation to their original community.  

Acting Now


AFEAP has engaged all the stakeholders in the affected area such as the individual Governments, Nonprofits, Education Leaders and Religious Community or Spiritual Leaders to see what kind of viable solutions can be instituted as to prevent worsening conditions for those affected. 


AFEAP is a committed global organization that can fill the gap for the affected people and does it so with the action required.

AFEAP is taking the lead to instill immediate action by forging a stronger collaboration with the community and traditional leaders while partnering with other non-profit community and global organizations.

AFEAP will critically evaluate where the specific gaps for services are and take immediate plans of strategic action. 

AFEAP has a team of well-educated, dedicated leaders who originally came from the affected regions and communities but who now live abroad across the globe.  All of them work side by side with community leaders of the affected regions and communities while encouraging them to take hold of shaping their future.  They are part of the people who have been affected and they know what they need in re-shaping their lives for the better.