Empowering Girls and Women

We are prioritizing the needs of East African girls and women.

The East African woman carries many essential responsibilities but is often overlooked.

Our Story

Women in East Africa play a crucial role in the economic, social and political development of the region. This is mainly through their activities as producers of goods and services, keepers of family health, first teachers of the children and guardians of morals and culture. Women are marginalized in the decision-making processes and have limited access to leadership, education, employment, finance information and healthcare, including mental health and circumstance/maternity care.

In the United States, East African women may encounter hardship navigating the housing and healthcare system, gaining employment and seeking childcare as single and/or working mothers. Mental health and other areas of wellness carry a cultural stigma making it difficult for women to access the care they need given past and current traumas. At AFEAP we are passionate about empowering East African girls and women in every way possible.

Areas of Focus

Women Empowerment

Creating jobs for women including micro-lending and opportunities for networking and entrepreneurship. Educating best practices in self-defense.

Women's Health

Providing accessible care to support mental and emotional health, circumstance/maternity and special needs programming. Increasing food security. Water sanitation in East Africa.

Child Services

Education and skills training for girls. Our goal is to increase the number of girls attending school and introduce entrepreneurship at a young age. 

Hawa Awad

An AFEAP board member, Hawa Awad, is a former midwife at the Digfare Hospital in Mogadishu, Somalia and has lived there over many years delivering children for people who have been affected by the War. She said that in one year she delivered 1500 babies without any medical supplies or sanitation. She said that she was so proud because she lost 7 kids in the war. She is now helping this organization by raising funds for clean water and well sanitized water projects in Mogadishu.

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