Resource Center

Our Resource Center is a go-to place for Bloomington's East African community seeking assistance due to limited language proficiency. We provide application assistance for employment, housing, health, education, immigration, as well as translating documents. This culturally and linguistically competent service is the first step to creating a community hub that nurtures growth. 

Youth Outreach Program

First generation students face disparate educational attainment as a result of a limited focus on their unique educational needs. Our program fosters higher educational outcomes for immigrant children through initiatives that provide early-childhood education, child care services, tutoring, and mentoring to maximize student success. 

Parent Training Program

Limited English proficiency among immigrant parents prevents active participation in the academic success of their children leading to low GPAs, graduation rates, post-secondary pursuits, and job potential. Without a conducive home environment, children are not accountable for their poor academic performance. Workshop and training events enable parents to become attuned to the American educational system and play an active role in their children's lives.